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Power to the Fact Checker

Fake news spreads fast. To fight it, Fact Checkers need to become even faster.

FactPress is the first Content Management System built around the journalistic process of Fact-Checking. Fully adapted to the world's highest fact-checking standards, FactPress takes care of the technical details, allowing Fact Checkers to focus on their battle against fake news.

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The backbone of
fact-based publishing

Meet the standards

A serious Fact-Checking organization should be accountable to international fact-checking standards. Websites powered by FactPress are built using these standards and allow publishers to remain transparent.

International Standards


A fact-checking article should spread as fast as the fake news it debunks! When an article is shared on social media, FactPress generates a dynamic image with the most crucial information.



Unlike most CMS, FactPress is built for multilingual content publishing. Increase your reach. Let your message be heard.



Technology is evolving. FactPress backs your journalistic efforts by generating deep links of dynamic structured data. Your articles and fact-checks are quickly crawled and processed by the networks that matter like Google, Facebook and Twitter.


Focus on what matters:

Let FactPress handle
the details.

Responsive Interface

Our user-friendly responsive interface provides you with access to all the tools you need to manage your content. Update from your phone or tablet, anywhere, anytime.


Editing your website using FactPress is as easy as sending an e-mail. Effortlessly publish articles and focus on what matters: rich content.

Built-in SEO

FactPress automatically creates structured data for rich web results. Search engines and social networks can use this structured data to quickly and automatically debunk fake news.

User Management

Too many cooks ruining your stew? In FactPress, you're the head chef. User Roles and privileges are easily managed, allowing you to control which team member has access to the content.


FactPress is secure. Skip the headaches and PR disasters of hacked websites with unwanted links and content. You can rest easy knowing your content is protected.

Analytics Dashboard

No need for third-party analytics tools. The most important information about your website traffic, accessible from your dashboard.

built in Ruby on Rails

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Power-up your fact-checking.

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Frequently asked questions

FAQ - Questions and

The purpose of a CMS is to assist in the creation or modification of your website's content. It's a key tool which allows users, even those with no professional experience in coding, design, or SEO, to manage and update their websites. You might even have heard of names such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. FactPress is a specialized CMS built around fact-checking.
Because you need to use the latest technology if you want your fact-checking efforts to matter. You want to focus your energy on creating new & poignant content for your visitors, instead of manually adding data in your article's code. Because we use words like "simplicity", "security" and "responsiveness" not as punchlines, but as the backbone of our design philosophy.
Publishers and journalists looking to start a fact-checking website with the very best tech available. Organizations who have had enough with patched-up solutions full of outdated plugins and useless dashboards. News outlets looking to tap into the fact-checking segment, but need a structured way to follow the rigid international guidelines. You're out there, and you should be using FactPress!
Good news! We're only one e-mail or phone call away. You'll be getting your help straight from the people who design, program and maintain FactPress. We do this because it makes our CMS better and our users happy. No automatically generated help messages, just 100% pure FactPress knowledge straight from the source.

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